Freitag, 16. April 2010

Mr. Menethil himself

We had our first full night of progression on the Lichking fight. And I can say in all honesty that this fight rocks.

I can see the fun and exitement to be had when jumping around trying to avoid the black seas of death, killing valkyrs and now and then throwing an arrow at the Lichking himself. In the second phase, that is. We haven't seen anything further.

But I will also say: This fight sucks balls. I can clearly see the frustration when the same raid members keep standing in the puddles. Or the valkyrs drop raid members to death while still being at 70% health. Especially the second point will give us a hard time. It's the same reason we got stuck at the twin valkyrs in ToGC. Our raid is not able to cope with quick target changes. And I'm seriously clueless how to improve it.

What I've done so far is trying to get through that phase as fast as possible by hitting heroism at the beginning and only targetting one valkyr for the whole raid to kill. It still almost reaches the edge. By sacrificing two raid members we're at least able to save one other. I hope after a few hours of training we'll be able to maybe kill two valkyrs simultaneously.

There are strategies and positionings out there, where the valkyrs fly a similar trajectory. This could improve the valkyrs handling but it will thoroughly interfere with the puddle handling. This fight really has certain Archimonde qualities. I do expect that we will expand our ICC lockout at one point to have some serious training on it.

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