Mittwoch, 28. April 2010

What happens?

I'm going through a difficult phase right now. Maybe some background first.

1. I'm in a crunch phase in my day job currently. Which means I have shitloads of stuff to do and I'm usually staying longer at work, mostly way beyond the time our raid starts. Except on our raiding days, which means I need to work even longer on non-raiding days.

2. The changes to raids in Cataclysm have been announced by Blizzard. I organize and attend 25 men raids mainly because we started as a 40 men raid community, developed to a 25 men raid guild and in the end it has always been that way. I do also feel that 10 mens are more fun. In a way that as an above average player (who I consider myself to be) the influence on a positive outcome of any given fight is bigger in 10 men raids compared to 25 mens. Or to rephrase it: My skill in playing my class is much less significant or relevant in 25 men raids than it is in 10 men raids. To the point that it doesn't actually matter if I play well, we'll still wipe. This has been enforced lately by our Lichking evenings.

3. We're working on the Lichking currently. To make some noticable progress we would need to continue one lockout for a few weeks working only on this encounter but we can't do that just yet, because we still want to farm more equipment for a few weeks. That in itself wouldn't actually be a problem but it seems we're getting worse each week. Last lockout we wiped on Putricide for half an evening. I attribute that to all the guest players in the raid in order to get the raid filled as well as the farm status attitude we're showing lately. And probably to the decreasing quality of raid leading caused by all the factors above.

I severely lack the motivation to raid, not to mention to lead the raid. I don't want to do the 25 men raids but I do them, because we still don't have another full time raid leader, I don't have the time for our 10 men raids because I do the 25 men raids. Burnout...

With the changes in raiding I have the secret vision of a 10 men raiding guild, consisting of the very core of our current raid guild. Most of them know each other since the 40 men raiding times and also know each other in real life. Those are the people that keep me playing WoW in the first place. But what would happen to the rest of the guild? Would the people I intended to be in the "new" guild actually agree to this vision?


  1. I can think of few raiding situations more frustrating than knowing that your own personal performance has little to no impact on the actual success of the raid. We've been there a few times with healers or tanks that were struggling, but usually we manage to sort it out. I hope your attempts start improving, good luck!

  2. Thanks for the good wishes :) But I see hard times ahead. One of our holy paladins just left us yesterday for the number one alliance guild mentioning exactly these progress problems.